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We offer services that you actually need, at affordable prices.

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Fertilizing & Weed Control

We have a variety of different packages to choose from. Our Fertilizers use “Apply and Play” technology and are Child and Pet Safe.
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Lawn Mowing

We use push mowers to give you a clean cut with nice straight lines. We bag your law clippings as needed at no additional charge.
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Slice Seeding

When a lawn starts developing bare spots, it may be time to consider Slice Seeding. Try this before looking into Sod!
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Spring Cleanup/Fall Raking

We rake your lawn, which raises snow flattened and matted grass, and removes the dead grass from the lawn so it can begin to grow.
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We take pride in maintaining your property!

We are a local owned and operated company. We focus all of our efforts into providing Ottawa with the best lawn care services possible.

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1568 Merivale Rd Suite 228
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